Team – experienced leaders and lecturers

For the last 20 years we have had In-service teacher training courses with more than 3000 teachers and headmasters from 40 different countries from Europe, America, Asia and Australia.

Dusan Bartunek, PhD.

Lecturer and course leader

Lecturer at the Faculty of Physical Education,Sports and Outdoor Education at Charles University. Visiting lecturer at Linköping University in Sweden. Author of books about games and outdoor programs – GAMES IN NATURE.

Manager of Outdoored –

At course in The Czech Republic, Sweden, Iceland, Cyprus, Reunion and Portugal

Marketa Dvorakova, MSc.

Education Administrator

Has worked in the field of education, ecology and family support services. Has an experience from environmental education centres, schools as well as form NGOs. Believes in importance of learning in the real world settings, experience and support to children, teachers and families.

Ready to help you with all formalities and administration of courses, webinars and online programs.

Britta Brügge, MSc.


Lecturer at In-Service teacher training, Linköping University Outdoor Environmental Education department. Folk High school teacher in the topics Cultural Geography, Pedagogy, Ethnology and Ecology and leadership.

At course in the Czech Republic, Sweden and Portugal

Petra Koppova, MSc.


Lecturer at the Environmental Education Centre in Olomouc and experienced leader of Environmental and Outdoor programmes

At the courses in the Czech Republic, Sweden, Iceland, Cyprus, Reunion and Portugal.

Anders Szczepanski

ass Prof DR. Fil lic

University lecturer in the topic Outdoor Education and Director at the Center for Outdoor Environmental Education, Linköping University Sweden. Responsible for the International Master programme in Outdoor Environmental Education and Outdoor Life for teachers at Linköping University. In English: / Swedish:

At the courses in Sweden