Invite an expert

Invite an expert into your organisation

The new Erasmus+ Programme, in its Key Action 1 (KA1), supports a new mobility activity called Invited Expert. In the same KA1 Application where your school can ask for funds to send their staff and students abroad, you can also invite experts from another Programme country. This new mobility activity is particularly useful as it allows every teacher from your school to take part in a training course directly in their hometown. 

Invite expert

  • Outdoored team is experienced to handle any size of group from the same school/organization or from a consortium of schools. 
  • Outdoored leaders can come directly to your organization or can set you online training.

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Who is an expert?

The new Erasmus Programme Guide says that experts are trainers, teachers, policy experts or other qualified professionals from abroad who can help improve the teaching, training and learning at the receiving organization” (Erasmus+ Programme Guide 2022 p. 88). The invited experts may provide training to all the staff of your institution, helping the teachers in implementing new teaching methodologies as well as transferring good practices in organization and management. 

Why you should invite an expert?

If you are going to apply for a short-term KA1 project, or for accreditation, we suggest that you include at least one expert visiting your school in your application. Indeed, in the past, the European Commission has shown great appreciation for projects which have implemented the most relevant changes in the Erasmus+ Programme