Game as tool for learning -webinar for teachers and educators

Game as a tool for learning – New way for your lesson

Funny, interesting, educative

Theory and practice together

Give you a tools to create your own games

Certificate of Attendence


15.2.2022 4pm


  • Teachers of pre-primary schools, primary and secondary and vocational schools
  • Adult education teachers
  • Teachers of special needs
  • Trainers, educators and anybody using games


  • theory backgroud and philosophy approach to the GAME as phenomen
  • different kinds of games which would help you to achieve your goals
  • practical tools how to create your own games
  • tips for useful games and activities for learning
  • how to support motivation of your pupils so games would be a part of education
  • focuse on games which involve minimal material requirements and have very simple rules so they are understandable for children. Meanwhile their potential impact and effectiveness are truly global.


Dušan Bartůnĕk, PhD. – former lecturer at the Faculty of Physical Education,Sports and Outdoor Education at Charles University and visiting lecturer at Linköping University in Sweden.
He has worked throughout Europe developing experiential programmes in nature. Used to be a youth leader, worked with pre school children and young adults. Prepared games programmes for primary schools. He is the author of the book Games in nature. Promotes outdoor learning throught the EU courses and international webinars.f


Each participant obtains The Certificate of Attendance and confirmation to Europass.

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