Dear Course Participant,
We are pleased to welcome you at the Outdoor education course in Sweden. The course will be held in Östergötland, a beautiful and for the course very suitable rural surrounding.
The course team will be Dusan Bartunek and Petra Koppova and other teachers and professionals will also be involved in the programme and study visits.


Your participation is confirmed definitely by these 2 steps:

  1. You fill in final registration (which most of you already did, if you are nto sure, you can contact us). You can fill in final registration form here.
  2. Your participation is definitely confirmed by your payment. You can pay deposit 400 euro at the time of your registration and the rest of your amount latest 8 weeks before the course or you can pay all amount at the time of your registration.  You can finish your payment here


Course starts: Sunday 12.5. /11.8. 2024
Meeting Point Alternative 1: 17.00 at Linköping railway station
Meeting Point Alt 2: Linköping Airport – if you arrive directly to Linkoping let us know and we will agree a time.
Course ends: Friday 17.5./16.8.2024
From Linköping about 15.30 to Linköping railway station
Drop off at Linköping City Airport – let us know if you have flight from Linkoping and we would agree a time
Some of the participants stay a night before/after the course in Stockholm or Linkoping. To find a suitable accommodation you can use assistance of info centres (see links at the end of the letter).

How to get to the meeting point
By Plane:
You can fly to Linköping Airport, Arlanda airport or Stockholm south NYO.
If you arrive by plane to Sweden you need to go to Linköping central station.
From Linköping City Airport to Linköping railway stationChoos e airport A-C, where A is the closest and C the most distant:
A) From Linköping airport (
Taxi to Linköping railway station. Or if you come on Sunday afternoon, we can pick you up at the airport. Let us know.
B) From Stockholm South Airport NYO. (
Coach departures to Linköping station outside the airport. www.flygbussarna. You can buy ticket on line, in the bus, with credit card or in a machine at the airport)
C) From Arlanda Airport- several options (
1) Direct train to Linköping Central Station (Linköping C) – press “In English” (Some trains you can not enter without a pre-paid ticket, also early bought tickets are normally cheaper)
2) Flightcoach/bus departures every 10th minute to Stockholm City bus terminal (arrival close to Central train station) , departure 4-5times /hour, 30 min.) or From Stockholm City to Linköping by Swebus express


The course is based on what is advertised in the course catalogue and composed to give you the possibility to gain knowledge based on experiences and reflection. There will be activities during the day as well as evening programme, the week is “a way of living”, and is created also by your contribution. Based on our experiences for successful week we will designed a week for your group and send you a detail program few weeks in advance.
Every time we try to fulfil the expectation of each participant and work flexibly with the programme according the group. Please fill in carefully the “experience and expectation section” in registration form.
If you wish to add touristic days on your own, this is recommended before or after the week

Training Activities – Schedule

General – The programme has an experiential approach, to learn by experience, to reflect upon it and to be creative. The programme might change due to circumstances

Everyday we will reflect up on – What we have done, what was the purpose and how can we use this back home/professionally. How can we adapt it to our profession, schools- and learning conditions in Europe.

Day by Day
Day 1: Pick up service in Linköping and arrival at course venue. Get to know each other and the place. Introduction and expectations for the week using outdoor methods.

Day 2: Games as a tool for ice-breakers. Moving in the landscape and taking part in learning workshops on the way. Workshops on how to teach different school subjects outdoors, learning by doing and reflecting upon the action. European social evening.

Day 3: We continue to explore nature in workshops bringing history alive. Visit nature reserve Trollegater caves. Outdoor education theory. In the evening, professional exchange by participants.

Day 4: Visit Swedish primary school, children and teachers in education out-of-doors. Thematic creative day, a toolbox for teaching all school subjects outside the classroom, method designed for larger groups of students. Outdoor cooking. Canoe journey on the lake.

Day 5: Philosophy and theory of Outdoor Environmental Education and the impact on the health issue. Games as tools for learning by outdoor lecture and connected practice. Outdoor leadership workshop, learn to optimize the leading of groups outdoors.

Day 6: Practical workshops and how to use the environment for learning. Workshop on individual action plan for managing change and impact based on the training. Retrospect of the week and evaluation of the course. Closing ceremony and receiving of certificates.

The programme might change due to circumstances.


We will stay in Brokind near Linkoping ( which we especially picked for you. It’s a very nice place suitable for the course in a typical landscape near the lakes.

During the course you will share the twin room with one participant, you can choose if you
want to get to know someone new or if you are to share with someone you already know.
Many participants before have developed great friendship by sharing. Please bare in mind,
most of the time we will be out and together all group, the hours in the room will be few.

All accommodation and meals are pre- booked for you during the course week. Make sure you let us know any kind of request concerning dietary or medical issues we need to know.


At the end of the course, you will receive a certificate confirming your participation in the course, signed and stating the number of course hours and confirmation to your Europass.


Few weeks before the course we will send you some articles to read before the course and also some small tasks to prepare.


If you have any special health conditions or dietary needs that will have a major impact which you did not fill in the registration form, please contact us.


bring what you normally need when you travel and clothing for outdoor activities “not too nice clothes”.
Be prepared to stay outdoors in any kind of weather.

  • toiletries and personal equipment (shampoo, toothbrush, etc.)
  • adequate clothing for outdoor activities; such as rain clothes, extra pair of shoes, gloves and hat/cap
  • a “day trip rucksack”, water bottle
  • any medication you might need
  • Insect repellent
  • Indoor slippers/warm socks
  • swim suite and maybe an extra own towel
  • Bed linen and towels are provided.


We would recommend you have a travel insurance. Please call your health insurance provider for further details.
We highly recommend you check the possibility of travel cancellation insurance (some of flight companies offer them for not a high amount).


Our courses in Sweden is provided as a “full package” including accommodation, meals, transportation and all the services.

The full price includes-  the full programme (morning, afternoon and also evenings workshops and seminars every day)

  • field trips and the local transportation costs
  • visits of the local institution and schools
  • transport from/to meeting place to the course site
  • accommodation Sunday (Monday) to Friday in comfortable double – bedrooms
  • breakfast, lunch, dinner and coffebreaks every day (on the site and outdoors)
  • administration
  • certificate of attendance and confirmation to Europass)
  • support after the course 

650 € (EUR) course fee/participant

915 € (EUR) subsistance cost/participant 

IN TOTAL 1565 € 


We will charge you 650 € for the course fee. This fee consists of two parts:

  1. Course fee – 480 € / 6 days course which will be fully covered from your project (You obtain 80 €/ day)
  2. Additionl costs 170 € / participant – The price is higher due to high-quality and intensity of the course program, the rest of the amount could be covered from other budget categories and savings or with participant contribution.

We will charge you 915 € for subsistence cost, which could be covered from project budget – subsistence costs.

You can pay deposit 400 euro at the time of your registration and the rest of your amount latest 8 weeks before the course. 


You can pay all amount at the time of your registration. 

Cancellation policy:

If Outdoored, s.r.o., for any reason, has to cancel this training course without offering any valid alternative, the participant(s)/sending organisation will be fully refunded in ten days after the communication of this circumstances.

If the participant(s)/sending organisation, for any reason has/have to cancel participation to the course not later then 60 days before the start, another session can be freely chosen in alternative.

In any case you can change the participant without any additional costs.

You can not substitute your place to another person then the following cancellation charges will apply:

  • more then 8 weeks before the course:400 euro administration costs
  • 8-4 weeks before the course: 50% of the total fee
  • 4-2 weeks before the course:75% of the total fee
  • Less than 14 days before the course:100% of the total fee.

Your participation is definitely confirmed by your payment. 


At the website you find more about the course, FAQ – Frequently asked questions and the course leaders.
Tourist information
The local area
Linköping- closest city:
Youth Hostels (good standard)

The Course Team are looking forward to meeting you soon and guide you through the course week.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

More about course leaders


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