Detail information for your application

  • The course is residential, accommodation and food will be arranged by an organizer.
  • We meet near Keflavik airport and travel together and stay during the course time at 3 different sites which we especially picked for you. All accommodation and meals are pre- booked for you during the course week.
  • We provide intensive all day programme – consists of field trips and active exercises, we stay all group together and work with the group dynamic, and spent most of the time in nature, outdoors.
  • We are also able to prepare “tailor-made training” for your team. In first part you can find information which are common for all our courses (methodology, before and after the course, about organization, certification) and in the second part you can find specific information for each course (learning outcomes, schedule).


This course is set in “expedition style” – we travel around icelandic landscape, staying on each site few nights.

Travelling together give us a space to share, discuss, talk to each other.Positive atmosphere, exchange and fun is a part of the process during the week. Our approach is experiential, focusing mostly on practice, program is led by experienced leaders.

During the week we work with group dynamics, offer you practical activities and experience also group rituals and activities useful for your practice.

Before the course we provide participants with preparatory tasks and we provide also support after the course.

Every day we reflect up on what have we done, what was the purpose and how can we use this back home/professionally, how can we adopt it to our professional life, schools – and learning conditions in Europe


The programme of the course is tailored to the needs. Participants will fill out an intake form so that the course organiser can design the course as much as possible according to the level of experience and the concrete wishes of the participants. The participants will be invited to a Social media community where they get to know each other, are informed about current issues, communicate and share information and ideas and prepare for their own course identified opportunities.

Participants obtain materials to study and read before the course, to be ready to discus, share opinions, as a base for practical training. The course provider is also in touch with school coordinator (when it is helpful also with participants) and is ready to fit the programme to the participants needs.

Participants are also asked before the course to:

– contribute to the international social evening, with something representing their country/region.

– answer to set their professional goals for the training, to be communicated with the participants and course leaders.

– prepare a about your workplace /school, and if applicable the experience of teaching outside the classroom


Important part of the training is evaluation at the end of the course, and given as feedback to the participants.

After the course, participants will be asked to reflect on what happened when they returned home and how the course influenced their teaching and school/workplace. This will be shared by Information and communications technology (ICT).

The course provider support after the course activities, eg. professional exchange in the field. Outdoored are open to help with dissemination via their web page, facebook page to share information with community of teachers who has already attended courses or are interested in this field.

Training can help to find partners for future school projects and job shadowing as well as contact with universities and other organization for Outdoor Education.


Each participant obtains The Certificate of Attendance and confirmation to Europass.


  • space to get known better you as a teacher, focuse on your teaching
  • practical activities, leadership
  • visit to innovative school
  • amazing icelanding landscape
  • develop a personal activity plan – how to put new knowledge into action back home
  • meet colleagues of different nationalities within the EU, engage in cross-cultural learning experience, exchange ideas and build a network for future international cooperation
  • enrich communication skills, improve foreign language competencies, broaden professional vocabulary and promote EU’s broad linguistic diversity

Training Activities – Schedule

The programme has an experiential approach, to learn by experience, to reflect upon it and to be creative.

Everyday we will reflect up on
What we have done, what was the purpose and how can we use this back home/professionally. How can we adapt it to our profession, schools- and learning conditions in Europe.

Day by Day
Day 1, Sunday: Meeting near Keflavik, get to know each other and the place. Introduction and expectations for the week using outdoor methods.

Day 2, Monday: Short walk and activities in the surrounding landscape according to teaching techniques. Ice-breakers and dynamic activities. Seminar – Teaching as mission, Erasmus idea., Thingvellir, Geysir, Gullfoss,  European social evening.

Day 3, Tuesday: Games as tool for learning and development – lecture, Trek to Reykjadalur valley, Workshop connected to several types of games for learning different subjects, Professional exchange by participants.

Day 4, Wednesday: School visit – Kindergarten or Secondary school (leading school in Iceland of new approach of teaching), Outdoor Environmental Education – practical seminar, Exercises in the nature – to use our senses

Day 5, Thursday: Project day – across all subjects ideas – lecture & workshop, Trek to meet LAVA in last eruption – Grindavik area

 Day 6, Friday : Retrospect of the week and evaluation of the course. Perlan – fantastic Icelandic museum, Closing ceremony and receiving of certificates.

The programme might change due to circumstances.


Our course in Iceland is provided as a “full package” including accommodation, meals, transportation and all the services.

The full price includes-  the full programme (morning, afternoon and also evenings workshops and seminars every day)

  • field trips and the local transportation costs
  • visits of the local institution and schools
  • transport from/to meeting place to the course site
  • accommodation Sunday (Monday) to Friday in comfortable double – bedrooms
  • breakfast, lunch, dinner and coffebreaks every day (on the site and outdoors)
  • administration
  • certificate of attendance and confirmation to Europass)
  • support after the course 

650 € (EUR) course fee/participant

885 € (EUR) subsistance cost/participant

IN TOTAL 1535 €



We will charge you 650 € for the course fee. This fee consists of two parts:

  1. Course fee – 480 € / 6 days course which will be fully covered from your project (You obtain 80 €/ day)
  2. Additionl costs 170 € / participant – The price is higher due to high-quality and intensity of the course program, the rest of the amount could be covered from other budget categories and savings or with participant contribution.

We will charge you 885 € for subsistence cost, which could be covered from project budget – subsistence costs

Your participation is definitely confirmed by your payment. 

You can pay deposit 400 euro at the time of your registration and the rest of your amount latest 8 weeks before the course. 


You can pay all amount at the time of your registration. 

Cancellation policy:

If Outdoored, s.r.o., for any reason, has to cancel this training course without offering any valid alternative, the participant(s)/sending organisation will be fully refunded in ten days after the communication of this circumstances.

If the participant(s)/sending organisation, for any reason has/have to cancel participation to the course not later then 60 days before the start, another session can be freely chosen in alternative.

In any case you can change the participant without any additional costs.

You can not substitute your place to another person then the following cancellation charges will apply:

  • more then 8 weeks before the course:400 euro administration costs
  • 8-4 weeks before the course: 50% of the total fee
  • 4-2 weeks before the course:75% of the total fee
  • Less than 14 days before the course:100% of the total fee.


Courses in Iceland start on Sunday afternoon and finish on Friday afternoon. You can apply at your National agency for 6 days for course fee and subsidiaries.

Course provides 40 hours of direct education (workshop, lecturers, activities) while all tutors are with you all the time and ready to discus, help, support participants. Time during meals, coffee breaks and other free time is the best space for sharing, discussing, gathering new ideas.

ABOUT OUTDOORED – background and experiences

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Outdoored provides professional services in the field of education with great experience since 1999. Outdoored is an international, trustworthy and flexible Erasmus + course provider and provides high quality courses focused on outdoor education and courses based on real-world learning activities.  Courses are offered in co-operation with partners in Sweden, the Czech Republic and Portugal. We guarantee expertness and professional approach. All projects and trainings made by Outdoored events are always prepared individually to fit a to needs of participants.

For the last 20 years we have had In-service teacher training courses with participants from all around Europe. The course leaders are experienced professionals and teachers at University Masters Programmes of Outdoor Education and Learning in Europe. More about course leaders


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