Conflict solving – How to handle communication conflict?

Tips and tricks for solving communication coflicts

How to handle conflicts right way?

Recognize conflict situations in our daily life?

Certificate of Attendence


22.2.2022 4pm (CET)


  • Headmasters
  • Leaders
  • Managers
  • Teacher trainers


  • Communication as main challenge to understand the others
  • Process of conflict development and way how to solve it
  • Differences of personal approach to solve a communication coflicts
  • Types of typical conlict process
  • Main ideas for diplomatic way of commuinication to achieve a goals


Dusan Bartunek, PhD.  – senior coach, CEO and manager of Outdoored –International Certified Education.

Strong personality. Managing director.
Concentrated energy in a human form.
His personal experiences, long years of working with people on business courses, teaching, management of natural debriefing and intensive self-study led him to become a natural coach.

Thoughtful and can always lend an ear and gives you the space to see your own vision but will also offer you new perspectives with its depth and dimension. He will help you to see below the surface and discover hidden solutions.

He will calm you down, support the energy and help you to believe in your potential. You will aim high together

He promotes outdoor learning throught the EU courses and international webinars.


Each participant obtains The Certificate of Attendance and confirmation to Europass.

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